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Enroll in the Autoship program and save 10%! To ensure you never run out of your favorite products, the Autoship program is a smart option.  

Better still, for only $60, you can become a Nikken Consultant and when you order 100 PV or more of consumable Nikken products on Autoship each month, you’ll qualify for an extra 10% discount! 

An Independent Nikken Consultant Receives:

  • The ability to buy at the wholesale price
  • The ability to earn up to 25% retail profit
  • The Nikken Business Success Kit — your toolbox to help you get started
  • Potential to earn rebates, bonuses and overrides
  • The advantages of owning your business, and being your own boss

CLICK HERE to sign up for Autoship as a customer OR to sign up as a consultant. Our Nikken ID# is: 741194500.

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